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For the past 4 years, I’ve had an ongoing war with myself about my body shape and how I looked in certain clothes. “You’re too curvy, you can’t wear a tight dress.”, “There’s no way these jeans will go past your thighs.”, “You can’t wear a tube top, your shoulders are too broad.” I would constantly beat myself up about my destined body shape and do whatever I could to “get skinny” and have a “thigh gap.” Starving myself, malnourishment, over exercising; anything to get to the so called ‘goal’ I set for myself. 
As of late, I am absolutely in love with my body shape and curves and ‘soft spots’. I’m so body positive and I wish I could spread my positivity to everyone struggling with hatred for their body. 
I eat, and I eat a lot. I’m not at all ashamed to admit that. I’m proud of my wide hips, big ass, my ‘armpit fat’, my broad shoulders, and my ‘huge’ upper thighs. 
I’m in one of the most healthiest shapes of my life because i’ve worked for it. After countless tears, ridiculous amounts of frustration, nights hating myself for a number on a scale that doesn’t determine who anyone is, and wanting to give up, I’m here and so in love with my body. I have ways to go before my new goal, but i’m going in strong and full of bodily love and compassion. I am a whole lotta woman and at the end of the day, wouldn’t change that fact.
I am all of the emojis.
Someone have cute curly haired babies with me 
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"I don’t think the hole in my heart where she used to be will ever get filled permanently. 
I fucking miss her so goddamn much. I can’t remember what her voice sounds like and it kills me every fucking day. Sometimes i wish she was dead so i wouldn’t wonder if she was thinking about me.” #goddammitimissyousofuckingmuch
It’s been a dream of mine since 2006 to see Fall Out Boy and it’s finally happening tonight. 😭
have another selfie from yesterday because im cute af
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I need to get laid, this is getting ridiculous.

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actual representation of my life: crooked and fucked.

"I don’t love him but he’s here and you aren’t"

Modern Baseball - Apartment [x]
have a cute photo of me. thanks Luis.  😚 (at The Mohawk Austin)